I accept commissions for every need… such as…

Artist Sign-In Books, Baby Books, Baptisms
B’nai Mitzvahs
Children’s Drawings
Composer’s Scores
Dream Journals
Memorial Remembrances
Original Manuscripts
Poetry Collections/Journals
Sketch Books
Song-writer’s Journals
Special Birthday Family/Friend Retrospectives
Travel Journals

Enjoy images just a very few of these below.

Baby Books

Record the first year of your baby’s life in this album containing 12 sections of heavy-weight archival paper and finished off with a rattle binding.

B’Nai Mitzvah

B’Nai Mitzvah Commission holds the celebrants torah, haftorah portions as well as the d’var torah.


Wedding Album

Wedding album for a mountaineering couple contained several pocket pages for memorabilia.


Wedding Album

Wedding Album, hand-deckled pages, double-hitch stitch binding.

Special Birthday: Sailing With Myron

Every family member contributed 2 pages to this tribute, ‘Sailing with Myron’.


Guest Book

Housewarming gift for a new home at the beach.

Taft Museum – Picturing the West

This album was commissioned by the Taft Museum as a response book for the public to comment on the photography exhibit ‘Picturing the West’.

Memorial Book

Hang on to the funny, the sad, the familiar and surprising memories that friends and relatives share.