Anam Cara

Early in 2023, mixed media artist Tracy Casagrande Clancy invited me and two other artists with decidedly different styles to join her in a project entitled ‘Anam Cara’, the Celtic concept of ‘soul friend’. We all began with identical porcelain busts created by sculptor Michael Schmidt. These pieces are my interpretation of soul friend, anam cara.

Counting Blessings

Each of us is carrying some burden or another.
This gal reminds us that it is possible to carry
on with grace – even with spikes sticking out of
your head!

Porcelain, acrylics, railroad ties, street sweeper


Choosing Knowledge

Some folks interpret the story of Adam and Eve’s banishment from the Garden of Eden as the inevitable result of disobedience to God. I understand this story differently. I see Eve as making a conscience decision to pursue knowledge of the world over a happy but ignorant life. To that end, Eve wraps herself in the skin of the snake, eating fruit from a tree with leaves of text from banned books, growing hair of dictionary pages, and hopes to fill her head with information of the world.

Porcelain, tree limb, black walnut dye, acrylics, pages from banned books, pages from dictionary, decorative paper, raffia-covered wire, snake skin.



I would venture that each of us has had this feeling at some point in life … the sense that forces greater than we are are carrying us away, stripping us of vital pieces of ourselves, carrying us to new situations. As we are swept along we shed bits of our former selves while we pick up random fragments from our travels.. And then we land we land upright.

Porcelain, driftwood from the Ohio River, acrylics, coconut shell fragment, linen thread, beach detritus.


Forest Bathing

A meditation on the gifts of our natural world and how it heals us, body, mind, spirit.

Porcelain, Ohio River driftwood, acrylics, bee hive fragment, sweetgum pod, dried Chinese Arborvitae cone flowers, mica